Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely 
hair color
body height
160 cm
59 kg

Die tolle Blondine aus Utah trägt neun verschiedene Piercings und hat in den letzten 3 Jahren in 107 Filmen mitgewirkt.

Ueber sich selber sagt sie:

"I love to smile... I love to read. Mostly Fantasy books and Non fiction Medical Science...I used to want to be a medical examiner. I love the stars and one day I wish to have one of my own. I would drive a million miles to get the best view of the night. I am a picture freak...i have many albums that are full of random meaningless pictures. I am easily amused and try to always be optimistic. Im one of those peeps that calls her mom practically everyday whether or not I have anything to say. I love to party and be with friends. I am Scandinavian and English (england not us). My fav color is GREEN but those who know me know that I also wear alot of pink. My room is hello kitty as well as my bathroom. I like to own fun immature things such as my purse is a lil green turtle back pack. I love my pale milky skin cus i glow in the dark! I hate being in the sun. I do however like to go to the beach sometimes and collect seashells or at night and watch the waves. I love SUSHI!!! I love high heels, i like to wear bright lip stick, I love sparkly things, and have a tendency to rub things that are soft on my face. If you wanna know my favorite flower, then simply ask me. I have a huge collection ofstickers that I started years ago. I almost always get the window seat when I fly and I travel all the time. I never want to miss the view of the mountains. I have a close relationship with my family. I dont care what other people think and I hate bacon, chicken nuggets, surgery, insecure people, liars, and I HATE waste dumps!"

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