Dolly Golden

Dolly Golden 
hair color
body height
165 cm

Lassen wir die schöne Französin selber zur Wort kommen. So stellt sie sich auf Ihrer Homepage vor:

Dolly Golden was born in Haute-Savoie.

After graduating, she obtains an international trade diploma, and begins her porn carrier in 1996 pushed by a certain taste for exhibition and provocation after posing for some amateur photographers. Very quickly, professional productions are interested in her because she has beautiful butt shapes like apples (hence her name Golden).

She gets the Award of the best European starlet in Brussels in 1997. She works for many foreign productions in Germany, in Italy, in Holland, in Spain and decides to conquer the USA. Very quickly, the media are interested in her and she appears on many Television Shows

She appears in many articles and adult press covers.

Passionated by dance, she starts performing sexy dance shows in french discotheques; and also in a very hot "pom-pom girl" duet with Laure Sainclair. She also appears in many music video clips.

She is the godmother of the Paris Hot Video Exhibition (February 2000).

Nominated around fifty times among the various ceremonies of the whole world (Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Las Vegas...);

In Cannes, in 1999, she gets the Hot d' Or for best European actress - supporting role, for film "Croupe du Monde 98 ". And in 2000, Hot d' Or of the best French actress for "les tontons tringleurs".

In 2000, she produces and directs with the collaboration of her companion Marc Barrow (european pornstar), her first movie for an american company.

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